Know Your Rights After An Accident

At Inner City Smash, we are committed to providing customers with accurate information regarding their rights following an accident.  There is a lot of confusing information out there which makes it hard to know what your rights are following an accident. The most important thing to know is that you, the customer has the right to choose who repairs your vehicle.  In NSW, it is illegal for insurance companies to tell you where your car must be repaired.  Often, their repairer is not in a convenient location and don’t provide you the level of service you should expect.  So that’s why you need to call Inner City Smash first.  We’ll have you back on the road and will work with your insurer to finalise your claim.

NSW Government Motor Dealers and Repairers Bill 2013


NSW Department of Fair Trading Motor Vehicle and Insurance Industry Code of Conduct


Want to understand the importance of having choice of repairer?  Click the link below to read an article by Choice Magazine.